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NEW! Yanhee Hospital Transgender & Intersex Trust Fund

Can We Help You With Transitioning?

Dear Transgendered and Intersex friends and family,

Every year, hundreds of trans and intersex patients come to Yanhee International Hospital for help in getting their medical surgeries. Many of our patients have been abandoned by friends and family, lost jobs, and face daily challenges that are unimaginable by the average person. Financial hardship is usually common for many trans and intersex people.

Because of this reason, we have decided to create a trust fund for those who need it the most. Every year, we will take the funds raised in a 12 month period and use it to assist one male-to-female patient and one female-to-male patient that comes to Yanhee Hospital  in their surgery costs, medicines, medical supplies, food, and air flight to Bangkok costs.

This is not for everyone, and you must meet the following criteria;

1. Have a letter of recommendation from a board certified psychiatrist, who is in good standing with the medical board of their state.
2. Must have less than $20,000 gross income a year.
3. Patient does not have any support system from friends or family
4. Must live in the desired gender role at least 2 years
5. Fill out Trust Fund Application
6. Fill out Health Questionnaire
7. Provide all necessary documents that surgeons request
8. Must sign non-disclosure document
9. Must sign Medical consent form

In other words, this Trust Fund is only for those who need it the most.

Whether you are trans, intersex, or just an average person browsing through this site, you have now been welcomed as part of the Yanhee family. No amount of donation is too small, and donating just $1 towards the Trust Fund, will help someone else, who otherwise would have never been able to get any help.

We are not just a progressive and sympathetic hospital, but we’re a family.   That’s what set’s us apart from the rest.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Anyone can donate, as much you like. No amount is too small! Visit Yanhee USA here to find out more information!


Having Plastic Surgery In Thailand – Is It Right For You?

Are you thinking about having plastic surgery in Thailand? Are you worried that you may not get the right kind of medical care that you desperately need in Thailand?  Or maybe you’re just interested in knowing more about Yanhee International Hospital. Regardless of the reason, this article may be of benefit to you.


First, let’s talk about the fear that a lot of people have in the US about going overseas for their plastic surgery. It’s no secret that the news media thrives in bad news. It brings their ratings up, it gets people’s salaries paid. But what the news media doesn’t do, is tell you the whole truth. Half truths are still deceitful. Always remember that.

The full truth is that you absolutely cannot generalize anything in this world. Things change so fast, technology is accelerating at an exponential rate.  Don’t be fooled, some of the world’s best technology is located right in Bangkok, not just the US. The fact is, that Bangkok, Thailand is the plastic surgery capital of the world with some of the world’s most gifted surgeons practicing right there in Bangkok.

Unless you’ve already been to Asia, you have no idea what it is really like there. Sure, there is a lot of poverty, and a lot of hungry children “(I’m seeing Sally Struthers saying Please FEED the children!”), and lots of rice fields and what not,but these are just as stupid as thinking that all red headed people are of the devil or that all black cats are a sign of bad luck.

So how can you be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable hospital or surgeon? The first place to start is Internet. Google the name of the hospital or the surgeon. Visit forums and social networks where the hospital is being discussed.  Most likely, you’ll find at least one person with a horror story about your particular surgeon or hospital of interest.

That’s to be expected, because no surgeon is perfect, and everyone’s body heals differently. Also, not all patients follow directions for pre and post surgery care.

Some people will flat out lie or exaggerate their experience, whether it be totally good or totally horrible. If you encounter a person who tells their story and it seems quite one sided, then you need to be careful. There are many people on plastic surgery forums and groups that will tell you how absolutely wonderful and good their surgery was and may even show you pictures. Unless you know the person before, and can see them live in front of you, be very careful.

Pictures can be touched up and edited, stories can be exaggerated, half truths can be told to you to give you a certain impression and some people..just flat out lie.

The reasons vary, but here’s where meticulous research and common sense come in. Don’t discard a surgeon because there is one or two people out of 300 that have a horror story. But if you’ve got 50 people all telling the same horrible story, then it’s time to move on.

How can you validate a Thai hospital or surgeon? Contact the American Embassy in Thailand

Give them the name of the hospital and address. Ask them to give you information on validating this clinic or doctor as reputable in Thailand.  It is recommended that you only deal with ISO 9000 certified hospitals, like Yanhee International Hospital.

Yanhee International is Southeast Asia’s largest plastic surgery hospital. We have thousands of former patients who are satisfied. They have traveled from the USA, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, France, Canada, just to name a few. To find out more information visit  Yanhee Hospital at

PS. Did you know that American doctors are coming to Yanhee to study the latest surgery techniques developed by Yanhee doctors?

NEW! Yanhee Hospital Toolbar

Hi there, been working like crazy to get these blogs and sites going. Also wanted to offer more than just plastic surgery and health procedures. So, we decided to create a cool toolbar. Don’t worry, it’s not spam or spyware crap. (Don’t ya just hate those things????!?!?)

This one is cool, we’ve got it on our systems and everything’s fine. With Yanhee tool bar you have google search box,  pop up blocker, automatic email checker and alerts, watch global TV, tweet right from the bar on twitter, RSS feeds, Yanhee chat, Listen to worldwide Radio, weather, and tons of games, all from the browser bar.

Hey Yanhee International Hospital is one of the coolest places in the world, and the people are cool too. So check out the toolbar, it comes with an uninstaller, and let us know what you think about it.

And for safe, affordable, High World Class Quality Medical Care & Plastic Surgery, visit

Transgenderism – A Mother’s Reflection

Hey fam, it’s Fred here. Today I want to share a special story with you from a mother of one of our former patients. The patient was an FTM and had surgery at Yanhee Hospital. Here is a message she has to all of you who have a relative or a friend who is transgendered.

We’ve left out names to honor the privacy of those concerned.
This is a mother’s thoughts:

Riding the waves of life

Riding the waves of life

“Winter of 1976 is the time when my journey as a mother started.

I remember that I probably was like most of you mothers out there. Right after my beautiful baby was born, I had to inspect the entire newborn to make sure all the parts were there. You mothers you know! I can remember the sweet smell of the newborn baby. Putting my finger in the little hand that was grabbing and trying to hold on to my finger was the first game my baby and I played together. It was amazing to me how this little newborn baby instinctively was holding on to my finger.

Precious moments like these we mothers always remember!

Everybody was telling me that I would have a boy and I kind of believed it. This was in the mid 70’s. Then all you could do is wait till the baby was born to be sure if it is a boy or girl.

I heard the nurse telling me it’s a girl. My first question “ is everything alright with the baby”?.

Well this has been many years ago and as some of you might suspect there is much more to the story.

My message is to all of you who kindly want to read this blog. But first of all it is to all of you mothers who might share a similar fate, like that of mine.

Now I have to confess to you that my precious little baby girl, the girl that I have loved and shared those wonderful and precious moments with, those moments you mothers can relate to, this very “girl” that I wanted to dress up so cute in pink and lacy dresses, this weird “girl” wanted to dress like a boy.

Over the years I had to admit that “my daughter” did act at times in strange ways that are not becoming for a girl.

My experience also was that sometimes in places like for example the grocery store people would say: “oh what a cute little boy”, and I always was ready just like a mother hen to defend my child and to correct them and say:” but this is a little girl!”.

I have got offended a little sometimes, thinking those people are crazy, it’s plain to see that my baby is a girl!   Yet, I had to admit to myself however, that my” daughter” acted like what is called a tomboy. I reassured myself by saying , you just wait till she starts to date a boy when she is 18 or so, she will turn out to be a “normal” woman just like we woman all are, totally normal and being in love with a man.

Sometimes in a quiet moment it bothered me however, especially when my mind drifted off to a time when I was a little girl. I was thinking about this boyish looking “girl” that acted like a tomboy and I also remembered “her” always playing ball with the boys, I remember thinking, feeling and acting very different and ………. and what I also remembered was how the other children and even grown up people talked about” her” – that memory was what made my heart beat a little faster and that very memory is what made my heart feel a distinct pain – so that I courageously dismissed this thought quickly and reassured myself that my “daughter” is a normal girl and besides ” she” looks really pretty.

There is no chance for my ” daughter” to have anything in common with my childhood memory, no way – “my daughter” is totally normal, she just happened to be one of those girls who like boy stuff. What’s so wrong with that. Didn’t you hear of women before who do things that man normally do. Like when it comes down to certain jobs. Oh well big deal!

I figured we live in a day and age where women have equal rights to men, so it’s probably no big deal for my child to play with boy toys and act like a boy.

“My daughter” may act a little strange sometimes, but she is a total normal girl, yes I tried to convince myself at times. It’s just a phase, it’s just growing pains.

But something gnawed at me in the back of my mind, because ever since I can remember, my child has always thought and acted in what you’d call a male gender.

I can remember when my baby was just 4 years old, throwing out the dolls I got “her”. These were my favorite dolls that I grew up with and I gave them to “her” thinking that she would be excited. Instead, “she” threw them out the window and told me that dolls are boring and that teddy bears are better.

Children…what do they know, right? So throughout the years, Christmas, birthdays, I always gave “her” nice things like dollhouses, dolls, a mini electric stove, a mini ironing board. But somehow, “she” and her friends would take play guns and shoot at the dolls and use the make up to draw blood on their faces. I did not know this was going on with my precious dolls until I walked in on the kids one day shooting at the dolls and playing war!

I was shocked! I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but my child sure was strange, so I thought. I didn’t know anything about transgenderism. I thought it was all the same, gays and homosexuals, perversions. Surely my child is not like this. NO!

This is only the beginning of my journey that led up to an experience that I was not prepared for – that I could not be prepared for, because it was something that I did not even know existed.

It may well start around the time when “ my daughter” was 18 or so. I remember that she always was very complicated. I could not understand some of her moods.” She” was a loner, and very reserved. “. “She” wore horrible and ugly hairstyles to make herself not attractive to boys – that was her explanation. There were some boys that wanted to date but “her” interest was in girls.

Oh my goodness – we were very devout Christians. What in the world did we do wrong?

I lived a decent live. My husband and I were married for a long time and there where no marital problems. We had several discussions and we where sitting down with the bible as a “Christian family” to put some sense into my child’s head.

If we prayed enough together as a family and studied the bible together, we could solve this. With God nothing is impossible.

We had to go so far to tell my (the elders told us) “daughter” to leave the house, since we cannot tolerate homosexuality.

Although, we knew it wasn’t quite the same as homosexuality, anything out of the norm was considered automatically evil by our religious teachings.

It is a horrible feeling to be told by your elders, pastors, preacher, who are supposed to represent God, that your child is evil and deserving of destruction from God.

You ask yourself, how you could have given birth to such a person. You can’t believe your own child, that came from your own flesh and blood, that you watched grow up, that this child is evil.

I would not wish that on anyone. You cannot imagine the daily heartbreak, crying, guilt and depression I felt as a mother about this. How can God who is infinite love, want to destroy my child for anything???

These were the worst times in our lives. Often I kept thinking I need to be like god – god is love.

I need to understand and love my child. Does not God understand us and love us? Why are we hearing a different message? We have to separate ourselves from others, we have to judge others, while we are forgetting to take a really good look at ourselves. WHY?

I have went against the teaching of our religion, went against the governing elders, went against the authorities of our church, and I have been the mother that I should be to MY CHILD!  I WILL NEVER REGRET THIS – this was a really wise decision!

To keep myself short, I found out since then that “my daughter” is my son after all and I am here to tell you that I love my son with all my heart.

There are feelings and behaviors that a little toddler simply cannot fake, so I know my child is telling me the truth, because I have seen him with my own eyes since he was just a baby.

Transgenderism is not the same as homosexuality. One has to do with a preference for romantic relationships, the other has to do with your Identity.

I left the church and I would not join any religious organization again even if a horse would hit me. I have read a lot and thought a lot about the question who really is God and how should we live our live while we here?

I have come to my own conclusion! I know one thing for sure, we should love our children and help them along in life. This is a definite obligation and it brings happy moments to our families that cannot be bought with money.

It does not matter if our children are girls or boys or somewhat in between. God is unconditional love, Jesus loved all and not just tolerated them, but formed close loving bonds with tax collectors and murderers.

It took this mother a lifetime to understand and know this simple truth, God is literally Love. Hopefully, this story can help people all over the world understand this a little more.

To you, who are transgendered, please have patience with your family and friends. This is really painful for them, especially for moms. Try to have more love and patience for others as you transition.

To you, who are family and friends, please if you cannot understand, it’s ok. You don’t have to understand, but you should continue to show nothing but love and compassion. Some things in life will remain mysteries, and the key is not to gain understanding, but to grow in love and compassion.

Be good to yourselves and to others.
– A mother’s reflection”

Medical Tourism | ABC News | Jeff Schult

Check out this news cast on traveling overseas for health care.

Thinking About Going Overseas For Your Treatment Trip?

Are you thinking about going overseas, to Thailand for your treatment trip? A treatment trip is a unique combination of vacation as well as getting necessary medical procedures done. It can also include cosmetic surgeries, such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, face lift, and rhinoplasty.

There are many medical tourism companies on the internet that offer you varying packages for these medical vacations or treatment trips. It can get real confusing, when you’re doing a search on the Internet, because they all look the same. The key to it is going directly to the hospital reps. That way, there is no middle man charging you a fee. Yanhee USA is a team of staff that represents Yanhee International Hospital. (YIH is located in Bangkok, but your USA representatives team is located in the USA)

Yanhee International Hospital is Southeast Asia’s largest plastic surgery hospital. Literally, thousands of patients fly in every day to come to Yanhee to get their tummy tuck, liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty done.  Visit for more information on how you can get your treatment trip with Yanhee International Hospital.

Before You Choose A Surgeon For Breast Augmentation

Before you choose a surgeon for your breast augmentation, you need to read this article. The reason is because, if this is your first time getting a breast augmentation done, or any kind of plastic surgery, then you need to be aware of the risks and advantages.

Breast Augmentation Can Boost Your Self-ConfidenceFeel Beautiful All Over Again

Getting breast augmentation is not an easy thing. You have to consider not just the skill level and success rate of the surgeon that is going to perform your breast augmentation, but you also have to consider your current health, age, weight, family history, and life style habits, such as smoking or drinking.

All of these can affect your breast augmentation out come. Many patients who were smokers, and did not stop smoking in time for the surgery experienced complications. It is recommended that you prepare yourself physically and mentally for your surgery at least 3 to 4 months in advance, by getting regular exercise, eating healthy, and getting plenty of rest.

But a lot of people are wanting to know how to choose the right surgeon for their breast augmentation. There are so many different surgeons and hospitals. There are even hospitals overseas that offer breast augmentation. Are they legitimate?

There is a lot of fear and misconception about getting plastic surgery. Many people sneer at others for wanting to enhance their beauty. Others, have no problem with it, but think that you can only get quality medical procedures in the good old USA. That simply is not true.

If you are planning on having your breast augmentation done in USA, then you should check that your surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery. Some surgeons will tell you that they are “board certified” but they fail to tell you that it is NOT in plastic surgery. So make sure that you are able to validate that your physician is not just board certified, but also board certified in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

If you are interested in finding out how you can validate a hospital or plastic surgeon overseas the first place is to start with the American Embassy in that city. For example, our hospital, Yanhee International Hospital is ISO Certified. This means that Yanhee Hospital not only meets the country’s standards, but also meets International standards of quality and safe medical care, world wide for your breast augmentation surgery! Visit Yanhee International Hospital USA at

Plastic Surgery After Care

If you’ve just had plastic surgery, then you should follow your doctor’s orders above and before anything else. In addition, there are few other tips that could help you.

Speaking from experience, surgery is never easy for the doctor or the patient. Even the best plastic surgery physician in the world could not guarantee you perfect results and some of the world’s best have a few patients with horror stories. This is not necessarily the fault of the surgeon. It also depends on how well the patient follows the doctor’s instructions. In addition, it will depend on your health too.

Some people who are over 40 and smoke, have gone to a very good plastic surgeon, only to experience complications after. Why? Not because of the surgeon, but because of their smoking and also their age.  Now, this doesn’t mean that just because you’re over 40, that you can’t get your surgery. It does mean that you should be aware of the increased risk for infections and complications. This blog is about looking at things realistically.

Too many people are comparing themselves with what they see on TV or in the magazines. It’s impossible to look like that for anyone! Even for the people on the cover, because digital photo editing is done on their bodies and faces. In real life, the person on that magazine cover or movie screen looks a lot different.

Here is a list of plastic surgery after care steps to keep in mind:

1. Drink plenty of water – it helps flush out toxins that could contribute to infections

2. Keep your wounds clean – your doctor has probably instructed you on how to clean your wounds and how many times a day. Make sure you do this. Keeping your wounds clean is very important in the healing stage

3. Wear your compression garments – compression garments help keep the tissue in place until it “takes”. What that means is because you’ve had invasive surgery in your tissue, now things are loose. Wearing the garment helps things to go back into place, until it heals and tights. It helps keep that symmetric contour that looks natural and attractive. Lot’s of people try to skip over this step, and then end up with lumps, dents, or uneven sagging.

4. Take your medications as instructed – especially important if you’re taking antibiotics and pain medications.

5. Distract your mind with upbeat, positive and funny things – your mental disposition will have a lot to do with an easy recovery. Try to watch funny movies or read an exciting book. Having to completely stop your life for a few weeks to recover can be very hard, but you have to keep your stress level to a mininum.

6. Get a loved one or a trusted friend to help you – if you’re returning home all alone, try to get someone to help you. You shouldn’t do any lifting. They can help you with the small things for the time being, that you can’t do yourself.

These are just a few things to keep in mind for your plastic surgery after care.

Transsexuality – A Key To Understanding Human Nature

By: Yanhee International Hospital USA

The topic of transsexuality can be quite controversial, especially in the deep south. Most of the Western world is taught Christianity in some shape or form, and with this comes the belief that any sexually ambiguous behavior is automatically considered “evil”, “wicked” or “bad”. Add to that, that the majority of the world is afraid of the unknown and things not easily understood. So let’s talk about transsexuality and explain things a little.

Don’t worry if it is a little difficult at first, many transsexuals themselves have a hard time understanding this whole thing. I guess the definition of what it means to be human is much, much more complex than any of us ever imagined. Ok, firstly, transsexualism is NOT the same as being gay or lesbian. There are 4 main parts to you and me.

1. Your physical sex – that’s what’s between your legs and what you can see in the mirror

2. Your sexual orientation – although this has to do with sex, it is not something you can see. It is something you feel in your heart. It is the person you are attracted to romantically and sexually.

3. Your gender Identification – Now for most people, their physical sex is aligned with their gender Identification. Most male bodies have a man’s Identity. Most female bodies have a woman’s identity. Got that? Ok great. Let’s move on.

4. Your Outward Expression/Behavior – This is your natural form of expression and behavior, which is either interpreted as “masculine” or “feminine”. This part is very hard to really understand, because we’re taught contrasting messages in the media and in society. We’re taught that masculine behavior falls in line with aggression, competitiveness, strength, and control. Little girls are seen as masculine if they play with toy cars, wrestle with their play mates, and participate in athletic play. Little boys are seen as feminine if they play with dolls, make up, or participate in activities that usually girls do.

(NOTE: Time for a message from our sponsor: Visit for all your healthcare needs. )

It is unfortunate that society sets such limiting constraints on what is acceptable behavior for children. The act of playing with dolls will never cause a person to become something he is not, otherwise all any lesbian or FTM would have to do to be cured of their struggle is to simply get a bunch of dolls and play with them for a few hours.

If the act of participating in sports could change a person’s sexual orientation to that of a heterosexual male’s or if playing with toy cars could change a person’s gender Identification then all gay and MTF women would have to do is simply go to the gym and pump some iron for a few days and life would be peaceful! So, as you can see, what it means to be human is very complex, and there is not just one single factor that determines who and what you are. Having said that, we’re going to go further.

The process it takes to create you and me is very complex and precise. Imagine an unending web or chain of actions that have to be just right to create an everday man or woman. Unfortunately for us, nature is creative and spontaneous. That means that there are going to be exceptions or as science puts it “mutations”. This means that not every male body is going to have a man’s mind. Nature is not perfect. It means that not every female body gets a woman’s mind.

Nature is spontaneous and deviates sometimes. Just like some people are born with an arm in the wrong position or without an eye, so people who are transsexual are born with mis-aligned minds and bodies. There is absolutely nothing wrong that, just like there is nothing wrong with someone born without legs, and both have all the right to seek medical help for their corrective surgeries. All people deserve to live a happy life, and more often than not, they have a completely different answer for their happiness than you have for them. There is only one expert who has the most credibility as to what will really make you happy, and that is you.

Now, can you begin to understand how it is possible for someone to have a completely healthy male body, and also be attracted to women, but that their gender Identification is that of a woman? Maybe, if more little girls were allowed to play and experiment with toy cars, tools, electronics, then less women would get ripped off by sleazy car salesmen. Maybe, if more little boys were allowed to play and experiment with baby dolls, learning how to change diapers, and play at forming a bond with a baby doll, then there’d be less teen pregnancies and less single mothers, struggling to raise their children. Maybe there’d be less orphanages filled with sad kids. Till next time…all the best to you 🙂

P.S. Feel adventurous?  If you aren’t TS or IS, imagine for the next 2 days yourself in the body of the opposite sex. Imagine how you would move differently, your voice, your mannerisms. How would you dress? What would your size be? How would you talk? Could you still talk about the same topics? If you’re really adventurous, try dressing up as the opposite sex. (Maybe on the next Halloween) lol

Beautiful Boxer – Thai Transsexual Boxer Lady Nong Toom – A Former Yanhee Hospital Patient

One of the most celebrated Thai films in recent years is based upon the true story of a champion Muay Thai boxer who rose to fame while simultaneously becoming aware of the fact that on the inside he was a woman. His transition to “her” began while winning match after match against some of the most macho and revered athletes in the sport. Beautiful Boxer, directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham and starring Asanee Suwan, achieved international acclaim and distribution and brought to life the true story of Parinya Charoenphol, known fondly as Nong Toom.
I first saw Beautiful Boxer in 2004 during the Bangkok International Film Festival. Little did I know that almost four years later I would be living in Thailand and interviewing Nong Toom exclusively for Spice! Magazine. Currently the boxer, 100% a woman and as beautiful as ever, works as a trainer at the Fairtex Sports and Racquet Club in Pattaya, and at Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness in Bangplee where we caught up with her. She also serves as a spokesperson for Yanhee International Hospital where she had her sexual reassignment surgery-their slogan is “a convergence of health and beauty” which would certainly describe Nong Toom today.
Nong Toom confided that she was excited to see her story come to life on the screen, and that the film is quite accurate as the development of the script involved numerous interviews with Nong Toom herself. Interestingly, Nong Toom points out that the story of the film is simply one period in her life-and at the age of 26 years old, she has a lot of life ahead of her.
To maintain her beautiful figure, Nong Toom eats well and exercises regularly, and interestingly, she doesn’t like spicy food. Of course, boxing is part of her job, but her personal first choice of sport is volleyball, although she prefers the mountains to the beach.
Her personal passion, as you might guess, is helping to champion the cause of transgendered individuals in Thailand who are seeking the right to officially change their legal documents to reflect their new identities and to be allowed to serve in the military if they choose, and not be disqualified because of the unjust classification of “mental illness.” While Thailand is certainly more accepting of the different manifestations of gender than most places in the world, Nong Toom is quick to point out that Thailand has a long way to go toward full equality, and identifies Norway as an example to follow-a country where transgendered individuals can even change their birth certificates to reflect their newfound selves.
An an ambassador of sorts, Nong Toom has traveled the world to promote Beautiful Boxer, but where she longs to be the most is in Chiang Mai with her family. Yes, her greatest dream is to settle down in the countryside with her family, and she holds her mother in the highest esteem, a woman she credits for inspiring her to be a hardworking beautiful lady devoted to family.
Interestingly, Nong Toom points out that she didn’t want to be a third sex. She wanted to be a real woman, the woman she is today. In fact, she can’t go out without people recognizing her and telling her how beautiful she is. Speaking of beauty, it may not surprise you to learn that Nong Toom’s favorite Hollywood actress is Angelina Jolie, because Jolie is not only an action star, she is stunningly beautiful as well.
Nong Toom definitely seeks to inspire those she touches with her life. She shares that it is important to support one another so you don’t stand alone. Take care of each other and don’t make problems for one another, and you should accept people in society who are different because you may find them among members of your own family one day.
Ultimately, Nong Toom is happy that Beautiful Boxer inspired so many people around the world to follow their dreams. I am personally thrilled that my dreams led me to Thailand and to Nong Toom herself-what a gift she is to me, to you, and to the world.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Yanhee Hospital please visit

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